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Not as simple as a titanium firing pin with an extra power spring on it. Series 80 safeties work well IF they were properly fitted and adjusted at the factory. Want to bet your life on THAT possibility? If you install a trigger with and overtravel adjustment screw and it get "mis-adjusted" the gun may not fire when you need it to. Desperately need it to. I understand the problem Colt was looking at when they came up with the Ser. 80 system. The gun needs to be safe if dropped BUT the gun also must fire if you need it to fire, every time. I think their solution is absurd. Springfield Armory looked at the same problem and just lightened the firing pin and strengthened the spring. Works every time. Can't go out of adjustment. Requires no extra fitting. When was the last time you heard of a Springfield Armory discharging from an inertial drop? They have to pass the same tests that Colt does. Bottom line - if you have a Ser. 80 gun and plan on carrying it you need to make sure the firing pin safety is working 100%. Do not make ANY adjustments to the gun's trigger unless you are able to verify that the Ser. 80 parts are still working 100%. If you don't know how to do this then take it to a smith who does and have it checked out. I have seen quite a few Ser. 80 guns that were right on the ragged edge of "will not fire" and the owner had no idea. To diable a Ser. 80 system you MUST do more than remove the spring and plunger in the slide. You have to also remove the two levers in the frame and install a shim to fill the space the levers occupied. If this is not done serious damage can happen to the slide and frame. Unless you completely understand how every part in a gun works and how it affects all the other parts you're walking on thin ice. Just because some of you folks have never heard of a Ser. 80 system failure simply means you haven't worked on very many for a few years.

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