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Ultimate sizing die ...

I've been using the lee collet sizing die and I like it very much. However, eventually you need to fl size. I usually get ~3 or so firings before I need to fl size. I push the should back about .002 +\- .001. I like the lee die for a couple of reasons but primarily:
-No lube
-The way it presses against the mandrel as opposed to squeezing then dragging over the expander
-adjustable neck tension based on different mandrels

So why not create a die that works like the lee but also pushes the shoulder back so you don't have to fl size? It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to manufacture and you could keep the benefits of the lee, include some different size mandrels so you can tune the neck tension to your choice..if you are not sizing the body you shouldn't need lube.

Where am I wrong on this?
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