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I have carried blued guns for almost 30 years now and the best method I have found is to simply wipe them down with an oily rag daily or whenever you (or someone else) gets their nasty fingerprints all over it. Fingerprints will do more damage to blued steel faster than exposure to damp air. Some people's fingerprints are practically harmless and some people seem to sweat battery acid. Just keep the nasties wiped off and you'll be fine. Another trick I learned is to take a small stencil brush (like a miniature shaving brush - craft stores sell them) and put 2 or 3 drops of CLP or Eezox or whatever you have on the tip of the brush and "paint" it all over the gun. The brush allows you to get down into the checkering and serrations and right up next to the grips. A very thin coat is all you need. After you use the brush for a while it will collect and hold enough oil that you can just grab the brush and go over the gun without even adding any oil. Do this every night before you go to bed and your gun will be protected. Remember, you only need a very thin coat on it. In summer months I pull the grips off every week or so and put a thin layer of oil on all of the metal under the grips. You would be amazed how much sweat will crawl up under the grips and start eating metal.

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