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You have one person ready to shoot while the other goes trampling through the brush. That way the person in all the brush doesn't have to worry about tripping over stuff with a loaded gun in their hands and they can point one out if they see it. The person standing nearby can get the rabbit when it runs away from the other person.

If you have never field dressed anything before, don't know how grouse is to eat or if you dressed it.
I have thought about bringing another person and ideally that is what I will do. Unfortunately with my ever changing work schedule having the same days off as my friends is rare. But when the opportunity arises that is how I will be doing it.

I talked to a few more experienced hunters and was told to step on the wings and pull up the feet to dress the bird. I used that method and the wings and breast were left at my feat and everything else came off with the legs. I clipped the wings and was pretty much done I was surprised at how easy it was. Thanks for the tips for dressing the rabbit I will definitely try it that way when I get one.

This gave me a big smile, and is one of my favorite things about hunting. Sounds like you had a good time, it's never too late to start. Make sure you eat what you kill
It will be eaten tonight .

Boonies walking is not like city sidewalks. Flick a glance ahead to check the path and then look around while you take two or three steps. Maybe a very brief pause while you again glance ahead before the next two or three steps. You don't make a disturbing rhythm nor make a lot of noise. Critters don't march nor are they very noisy.
You are absolutely correct about the noise. I never knew how loud I was until I was trying to be quiet. I was even getting a little annoyed at how loud my Gortex jacket was when I moved slightly.

My patience quotient is not really good for just sitting, which is why I take a book with me. I've trained myself to not get absorbed in it. Read a few lines and then look around. That way, I spend a lot more time looking than reading, but I can sit motionless for lengthy periods.
That sounds like a great idea. I have a tendency to get very engrossed in books but a crossword puzzle or something like that would be a great way to pass time while minding my surroundings.

Have you thought about going after caribou? I know that its a big jump from a grouse, but I would want to take a caribou. I hear that the meat is very tasty, and that you can take 100 or more lbs of meat from a single animal. Nothing better than locally harvested, free range organic meat.
Caribou is my goal this year. I had some caribou burgers and summer sausage earlier in the year and it was delicious. I have thought about moose also but caribou seems like a better goal because a moose would just be too much meat for me haha.
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