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I've owned Taurus in 454 357 and45/10, never had problem with any of them. Personally I like the SP101 in 357. The 2"barrel conceals a little better but the 3" is a better shooter IHMO. I've had both! Lucky me! Both are heavy compared to the 'ultra lite' models of any given manufacturer. The SP101 loaded w/ 38spl is easy to shoot with minimal recoil. A little heavy - yes - but a great gun and built like a tank! I'm eyeballing the 327mag but I'm still leery of the absence of ammo to chose from in 327. 357 and 38 have been around a long time and ammo is plentiful.

Exposed hammers vs hammerless? My preference is an exposed hammer so I have the option to cock if I can. But they can get hung up on clothing in a pinch. It's all give and take.


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