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Sig 232 .380 Bullet Setback

I just got a Sig 232 stainless and noticed that the Speer Gold Dots after a few chamberings are having noticeable bullet setback. I know bullet setback is inevitable but it seems to be happening quicker than most other pistols I have owned, maybe because the Sig 232 is blowback? Could it possibly be the ammo and should I look for rounds with a crimp like the Hydrashocks. The gun functions fine but I was wondering if this was just the nature of the gun or something I should have Sig take a look at. Also I typically shoot the rounds that get chambered repeatedly at the range for practice, would it be safe to shoot these setback rounds? I was thinking it should be OK since the .380 Gold Dot isn't a high pressure round to begin with and the 232 is a pretty big and solid .380 being all stainless.
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