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Well its easy to think that if your careful all will be well.

I was target shooting with a fired cases box on the ground between my feet to dump my empties and had loaded the 6th chamber the muzzle was pointed down and into the box and I lowered the hammer as usual. It discharged with only the weight of the hammer. The hole in the corner of the box was an inch to the left of my big toe on my right foot. I had shot about a half dozen full cylinders prior to the accident I mean prior to the careless discharge.

No such thing as an accident when a round goes off unintentionally or lands where it shouldn't its always carelessness.

Heed the warning. I would never alter one but I will never again set down on a live round.

The good thing is I still have ten toes and a good reminder when I put the box down for my empties.
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