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Welcome back and thanks for asking our advice


Fuller’s Earth, Secondary Explosive Effect, and How Time Flies

(edited for brevity)
In other words, after I left off reloading in 1970 to help defeat the Evil Empire, what happened next?

Thanx & best regards, Walt
Really, few radical changes have occurred in the science and art of reloading since the development of smokeless powder. There have been (as you see) incremental changes. Abandoning the use of fillers is one. Snuffy and mikld pointed out that the wide choices of new powders allow picking ones that don't require fillers (because of near 100% case fill, position insensitivity or stable burn rates over a wider range of pressures).

What chamberings will you and your Son be loading? Are you dusting off your old press or getting new gear? What are your goals?

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