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Reloading "the governor's brass" - what's the red paint for?

I live in a state where new gun sellers are not required to send an empty shell casing to the state police. So if I buy a new gun, there's a little sealed envelope inside with one empty case.

I realized the other day that's one more reloadable brass, so I opened the envelopes.

For a Ruger GP100, the factory used a .357 Magnum Hornady. There's a coat of red paint on the primer end...looks like someone picked up the round and dabbed it in red paint. Same thing in a Ruger LCR casing. What's the paint for? Assuming I scrape the paint off, any issue with reloading these? I assume not.

For a Glock, they used CCI. I'm not sure the brass is actually brass, as it's a grey metal. Two empty rounds inside the envelope.
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