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Looking for my 1st revolver?? Possibly Taurus m85ul hammerless?? Advise anyone?

Ok I have been around revolvers and actually my department still uses the S&W 38 special but all my pistols are semis so I would like to get a nice revolver.

I want a personal conceal carry snub nose. The shop near me has a few that I just dont know enough about or have any idea which is better for my needs. I put a deposit on a new Taurus m85 ultralight hammerless, but I also have my eye on 2 others they carry.

Anyone who has the Taurus is it a good gun, seems that I hear a lot of good and bad about it, what are your thoughts on Taurus revolvers? Also the idea of hammerless revolvers are new to me but growing on me fast. I just dont want to be dissapointed with my 1st revolver purchase. I do like the S&W revolvers but I kind of want to switch up my pistol brand a little.

My choices:

Taurus m85ul hammerless $349 NEW
Ruger sp101 hammerless (stainless) $299 USED
Ruger sp101 with hammer (stainless) $399 USED


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