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Originally Posted by sc928porsche
25-06 will do quite well for elk at 200yds. Deer at 300 are definately in trouble. Out to 400, keep it coyote size or smaller.
I can see where the gentleman from Maine could come by his opinion. The 25-06 is really not a moose cartridge. As for target shooting, it does a decent job.
I have a diagnosis for you, sir. You have a case of Magnum-itis. Don't worry though, there's hope.

Start by watching this video:

Now reconsider, after seeing a 243 kill an elk, DRT, at 688 yards, your assertion that the 25-06, a cartridge offering nearly 25% more energy than that 243, would only be adequate for coyote and smaller at about 2/3s of the distance that you just watched the 243 drop an elk in it's tracks.

My .204 Ruger is plenty for coyote at 400 yards. A 25-06 is practically overkill. It's certainly plenty for deer out waaay past that distance and coyote as far away as you can hit them. I wouldn't hesitate to use a 25-06 with an appropriate bullet on any animal in North America.
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