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The trigger pull won't be any better. I handled a new SP101 in 22lr at the LGS recently, and the trigger pull was very heavy. It seems most 22lr revolvers need a heavy trigger pull to consistently ignite a rimfire cartridge. That said, the Ruger should last a lifetime, and be very reliable.
I replaced the trigger return spring on my SP101 with an 8# Wolff(factory is 11#). I left the factory mainspring in, because the reliability wasnt 100% with a lower power mainspring. I also replaced the trigger return spring AND mainspring on my Taurus 94. The Taurus factory mainspring must be about 50#. I used an 8# trigger return spring, and an 11# mainspring. The Taurus SHOULD feel lighter, but isnt even close to the SP101. The trigger on the SP101 is smooth, reasonably light, and very predictable. The Taurus trigger is rough, hard, and gets really hard to pull right before it breaks. The SP101 trigger has none of these issues. A $3 spring change makes the SP101 so much better than the Taurus, even though I changed both springs on the Taurus. I like my 2" Taurus 94. I bought it because no one makes a 2" all steel 9 shot revolver with adjustable sights, but as far as triggers are concerned, compared to the SP101, the Taurus isnt even close.
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