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Low price does not disqualify a tool from being the best.

Originally Posted by oneoldsap
Lee equipment is the cheapest to buy ! How often does cheapest mean best ?
Every once in a while, it does. Many people swear by Lee's hand primer. Many of those same people swear at the Lee Reloader Press and their Safety Scale (which is as accurate as any, but hard to use if you don't know how to use a Vernier scale).

Lee's Classic Turret press is the best auto-indexing available in the world today, bar none, at any price. That fact is indisputable.

But if you need a turret press with 5 die stations, the Lee Classic Turret is worthless to you. That is a fact, too.

Which highlights the pertinent question: What tool(s) is best for each individual handloader? A low price is not a disqualification.

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