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RidgeRunner, I'll answer your query.

Some of the commercial .30-06 match grade cases made by Winchester and Western Cartridge Company were made with thinner case walls than standard cases; typically 25 grains lighter than regular commercial cases and this frightened lots of folks. And some foriegn military .30-06 cases were not annealed to the specs that US military and commercial cases were/are.

Then there's the issue with low-numbered M1903 Springfields with not so well hardened receivers. SAAMI considered them when limiting peak pressure to 60,000 psi or 50,000 cup.

None of the other two commercial cartridges cases were made that way as far as I know. And the .308 Win.'s loaded to pressures higher than the .30-06 SAAMI spec, too, as are several belted case magnums.

Contact SAAMI then ask them as they set the spec; the guy there I've talked with over the years has answered my questions quite fast and well.

Still waiting on the answer to my question in post 55.

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