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My good friend is considering buying a new handgun. He's a non-shooter & entry level so the PPX's DA only/hammer fired system is ideal.... Any word yet when this new PPX line will be on sale or available to the US public?
I'm fairly certain that the PPX is designed specifically for the American commercial market- a first for Walther. I also suspect that Walther is targeting the exact market segment your friend is a part of: first-time buyers who are looking for something functional, inexpensive, and simple to use, but not necessarily CCW-friendly.

IOW it targets the same market as the S&W SD-series, Ruger P95, and Taurus 24/7. Its similarity to the SD makes me wonder if this pistol is part of the reasoning behind cutting ties with S&W.
I'd add that I'm interested in knowing if the Walther PPXs would be covered by Smith & Wesson's lifetime service policy. That would be a selling point.
It sounds like the PPX won't hit stores until well after the S&W/Walther sales relationship is terminated.
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