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I bought my first Contender about 20 years ago. It was the hunter package that came scoped with a 12" .44 magnum barrel. I eventually started hunting deer here in Ohio when they let us use pistols. That setup has taken a lot of deer over the years. Since then I have bought and sold several barrels. Here are some of them.

.17 HMR (Pistol)
.22 Match (Pistol)
.223 (Pistol)
.357 Max. (Pistol)
.35 Remington (Pistol)
.44 Mag. (Pistol)
.444 Marlin (Pistol)
.45 Long Colt (Pistol)

.17 HMR Bullberry (Carbine)
.223 MGM (Carbine)

Here are pics of the two carbine barrels.

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