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Ang4me, I have 2 LCPs, one with a Lasermax laser, and one without. When shooting the Lasermax equipped LCP, it recoils so much that the piece that wraps around the trigger guard, to secure the laser to the gun, cuts my finger. 380 isnt wimpy, it will get the job done, but there are of course, better choices. 9mm is a better choice, and ammo much cheaper. Consider a revolver, even though you feel that the little autoloaders are easier to conceal. The thickness of the cylinder isnt really a problem, and other than that, they are very similar in size. A snubnosed revolver doesnt scream GUN! from your pocket. The revolver draws from the pocket very easily, and in a cartridge like 9mm(yes, in a revolver) or 357 magnum, you have a very formidable weapon. You wont have to worry about wimpy performance, or expensive ammo if you end up with a 9mm. With a 357, you can practice with 38 Special(still cheaper than 380) and carry 38+P, or 357. Much more energy than 380

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