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Postedd by barstoolguru: I went back and reread the article and it mentions nothing about her getting arrested for brandishing OR threating another person.
If she is not charged, the decision will likely constitute a reasonable political call, and it will say nothing to the legality of her action.

But again, we don't know all the facts.

On top of that it supports her right to self-defense by saying she went to the police station and looked through mug shots later that evening
Everyone has a right to self defense unless he or she was committing a crime of violence or engaged in mutual combat. Her helping to identfy mugshots has absolutely nothing to do with it.

When and under what circumstances it is lawful to present a firearm varies by jurisdiction. Minnesota, Texas, and Washington State are rather "permissive", and Arizona is unique in that it permits "defensive display" (but not drawing) under some circumstances in which deadly force is not justified.

Of course, people to get by with it from time to time when the authorities deem the action reasonable under somewhat questionable circumstances. That may be what happened here.

But if she expected to face any real, imminent danger, I suggest that carrying the weapon unloaded was not a prudent thing to do. She may end up being very lucky on more than one count.
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