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If you're financially strapped but want to reload for sure eventually, you could buy it a piece at a time like I did. I started with a plain single stage press (RC), one set of Dies, a shell holder, and a scale. I loaded for a year with nothing more. I used a cereal bowl & spoon for powder tapping the powder into the pan. I set OAL by my magazine and chamber checked them. That's all I needed. It was super basic but worked.

The point is don't think you have to buy a kit. Sure it'd be nice but sometimes when we put something on hold until we can afford doesn't happen. Become a scrounger and hit all the garage sales and pawn shops. Lots of time used equipment is regarded as useless to people because it was granpas or whatever and the don't know how to use it or even what it is. A lot of my stuff was bought for pennies on the dollar or even given to me by people not knowing or disinterested about reloading. Set a goal to scrounge one thing a week (big or small) at least, that you will need. In a year you'll have a nice setup.
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