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Posted by barstoolguro: the point being who is to say what fear is to anyone. what fear is to you may not be what fear is to me.
And that is precisely why the term "fear" is not used in the statutes in most states.

What the lady in Houston reportedly said is completely irrelevant. The reported evidence would justify her action--or no. Appears that it would, here, from the report. It still remains to be seen.

this lady on a park bench with her kid was /can be in fear of her safety by this man and has the right to defend herself
She would have the right to diplay a weapon to protecting herself against the use of presently threatened unlawful force by another (in Washington State).

We cannot judge whether such a threat existed. I haven;t seen any indication that it dis, but I will not rely on news reports.

The threshold for the use of deadly force is much higher.

Her personal level of trepidation would not enter into the question.
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