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First Blacktail / Western Washington

Took my first Blacktail yesterday during the modern rifle late season (11-15 to 11-19).
A small 3x2 @ about 50-60 yards, maybe 140 lbs on the hoof, took him around 7:45 AM; after spooking up at least 8 deer during the previous 45 minutes.
Used a Remington 7400 in 280 Rem with a 150grn core lokt handload @2800 fps.
Shot was (slightly uphill) at the base of the neck just inside the left shoulder and exited out the last two right side ribs.
Weather was foggy, misty, rainy, and windy, which helped mask most of my movements, but it was still tough hunting.

pics won't load, ugh !!
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