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If one reads the whole thread, its fairly obvious that CCW capacity is an individual thing that can be based partly, perhaps a large part, on area and circumstances.

A mid-sized 9mm/40 with 15+ round capacity and one or two spare magazines isn't unreasonable, plus a BUG, if its a high crime area, or not.
I made a joking reference to a Mac 10 in an earlier post in this thread, but I actually knew a man who carried a Mac 11 concealed, because his work required him to enter a very high crime area, where there was a chance of a gang/mob attack.

Thats not to say that only circumstances should dictate carry choice. Confidence and just plain old freedom come into play. If someone who lives in a relatively crime free area, wants to get approved, pay the Class III tax and CCW an UZI, I'd be the last to laugh at them. Just like I won't belittle the man that carries a five shot j-frame with no reload.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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