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Yeah i hear you about having reservations about putting holes in the stock. What I am thinking about is if I do go that route, I will seat stainless steel threaded inserts in the stock - the kind that are designed be put into wood, for example for the assembly of furniture. Then if I were to remvoe the cheek piece what I'd see is two stainless steel inserts. This would not look original obviously, but on the other hand, obviously this is a customization. As long as it looks professional I'm happy.

With any luck though I won't have to go that route - I'll be able to get the cheek piece profiled down enough so the leather piece will lace around it, holding it on with clamping pressure. the trick is to keep enough of the cheek piece height that it still raises the comb adequately.

will post pics as I trial and error this.

thinking also of just making a very simple piece that sits on top of the comb of the stock - just a spacer. will evaluate this against the larger wooden piece.
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