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Originally Posted by myg30

I have had my share of mishaps and share them so others can heed the warning. Its NOT IF it will happen to me, its WHEN WILL it happen to me !!
Not true at all. Just because it happened to you doesn't mean it will happen to others.

There are many reloaders who have enjoyed the hobby for decades and loaded 10s or even 100s of thousands of rounds without a single mishap.

If you've had your "share of mishaps", you either have an unusual definition of what constitutes a mishap, or you are not following the "Safety First" creed, no matter how much you might think you are.

That statement of the variation "There are only two types of people, those who have done XYZ and those who will!" is used in all sorts of hobbies/activities, mainly to make the people who HAVE done XYZ feel better about having done it. Motorcycles are a good example. "There are only two types of riders! Those who HAVE dropped their bikes and those who WILL!"

Bull. Plenty of guys ride 100s of thousands of miles without incident.

It's no more true for reloaders than it is for motorcycles, or anything else.
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