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On Tac TV last week or so Larry Vickers was "debunking" some common gun myths out there, one of which is that the WWII era 1911 was horribly inaccurate, not much use except for very close rangers.

Larry used one of his own custom made 1911s with all hand fitted parts, etc. top of the line, and he had his buddy shoot a genuine WWII 1911-A1 Colt with actual WWII .45ACP ammo.

The results?

Of course the custom 1911 with all hand fitting, tight slide to frame, barrel bushing, custom trigger work, etc. put the bullets in a tighter group, much tighter, if you want to say that.

They were both shooting from twenty yards at a human torso target, but....

The WWII 1911-A! put them all in a five inch group, all center mass, all deadly.

What made the greatest difference? The sights.

Put a good pair of sights on the WWII 1911 and the difference would have been even smaller.

Deadly accurate in either case? You bet.
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