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Kimber Solo ammo report

I have put 300 rounds thru the Solo thus far.

I bought 50 rounds each of the following:

UMC Leadless 147gr flat nose (FMJ)
American Eagle 147gr flat point (FMJ)
Speer Lawman 124gr (FMJ)
UMC 124gr (FMJ)
Winchester 124gr (FMJ)
Hornady 147gr XTP (JHP)

I had a couple of FTE's, but I think thats because the gun was not yet broken in and it seems to get better with use.

Of the FMJ's, UMC Leadless (147) and UMC (124) work best so far

Keep in mind, none of this ammo is the stuff recommended by Kimber so I think its doing pretty well.

I figure another 200 rounds and it will have proven itself ready for carry
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