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My "IT" is a 4" Colt Diamondback. But I very much like the S&W M18, a 4" M17, and 4" M617. I have my share of the 6" 22 revolvers, but find I prefer the 4". I however do like my 5" S&W M63. My only criticism is the sights are very tiny. Holsters for field use are a bit of a problem with them unless you use holster for a 6".

Since you have shot the Taurus for years, you're used to a fairly heavy trigger on a DA 22. I would suggest you try to find one of the new Ruger SP-101's. You'll probably be happy.

Most like the Ruger LCR-22 for a plinker. A 3" S&W M63 is high in my want to buy list when finances are right.
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