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5.56/223 ammo

roughly 3 years ago i purchased a ar15 type rifle, it sat in the back of the closet untill just recently, the lower is a superior arms s-15 cal 5.56mm, the only identifaction i can find on the upper is dpms 223 1-9, it is a stainless(?) bull barrel aprox 24 inches in length, as measured from the front of the magazine well to the end of the barrel, it is equiped with a primary arms 4.5X14 scope with an illuminated reticle,

(1), i have to assume this to be a .223 ammo only gun. correct?
(2) will i have to purchase a new upper to enable me to shoot 5.56?
im going to get started in reloading and was thinking that surplus ammo might be a good place to get my cases
(3) i paid $500 for this gun from the original owner because he said it was broken because it chainfired, i can verify that it did, and it needs a good thourough cleaning, .. my 10 years in the marine corps as an 0317 leads me to believe it was a dry bolt seizure. did i screw myself by purchasing this firearm?
(4) the only way i know to clean an m16 is with clp, and i am out, is there another commonly used acceptable cleaner that is as good?
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