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OH MY GAWD... POCKET PISTOL? No, you'll shoot yourself in the leg. Probably shouldn't be near a Gun. They are Dangerous.

I choose the KelTec .32 a couple of years ago for a couple of reasons. I was dead set on an LCP. Going into 3 different gun stores looking at LCP's, every time the person behind the counter stuck their hand in their pocket and out came a KelTec. Taking the CCW course here the instructor had 5 of them and had been to the factory. He said at the factory, they'd thrown one up and hit it with a baseball bat and it didn't go off. The other reason was at that time there wasn't any .380 ammo available. So I've carried on of the little KelTec 32's for the past couple of years, in my right front pocket (no holster) with keys, knife and change. Haven't shot myself and haven't had to shoot anyone. I like the idea of a wallet holster but the extra time fumbling getting your piece out of your rear pocket could cost you. When I stick my right hand in my pocket the KelTech is there (grip up). In 2 seconds I can pull it out.
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