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Originally Posted by wyoredman
Ever heard of anthropomorphism? That is just what you are doing here!

Coyotes do not have "feelings" like people. The ethics of the TV show you cite aside, maybe you should not be a hunter
Exactly correct.

Animals do not have "families" as we know them. They do not have dreams for the future or even plans for tomorrow. They do not mourn their dead or fear death as we do. They react by instinct alone. A coyote with pups "playing" and "loving" them today will eat the dead pups tomorrow if you shoot them and leave them out there.

Any lifer-long hunter should be well aware of those facts if they listen to their own eyes instead of Walt Disney's fantasy cartoon world.

Any hunter has seen an animal in a group get shot and after a panic over the sound of the shot or the strange behavior of the now dead animal, they go right back to feeding as if the dead one never existed. Even if they walk right over it, it's just a terrain feature, hardly worthy of a sniff.

I've watched a adult doe when their fawns get shot, jump and run a short distance, soon return, continue feeding and eventually wander away, no concern of what happened to the fawn or why.

This fantasy world makes me sick.

Watch a pack of wolves or coyotes kill a deer sometime. They will take bites out it's haunches while it's still alive and follow it around until it bleeds to death, they don't care how long it takes. They will begin tearing it's bowels out while it still lives, and they don't care. They will kill an adult doe whose fawn will starve to death without her, and they don't care. They'll kill the fawn too, if they get a chance, and they don't care.

Animals will kill other animals young, with no concern.

Think of the word "humane". It's a human word. It doesn't apply to the animal world. It is a figment of our imaginations, in that regard. There is no "humaneness" in the animal world, except what we, as humans, put there.

Animals kill and get killed without pity or remorse. It's the cycle of life in the world as it is today.
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