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none of the local dealers around here are even aware of these guns. and i don't hear too much talk about them on the internet either. i think they're kinda a sleeper gun. a good gun for a relatively good price. a little bulky looking but they still look cool enough. and function great, i've never really had a problem with either of mine.

i reload 45. the load i had been using in the non ported gun didn't work in the ported gun. it wouldn't push the slide all the way back, it would go back enough to eject the shell, but not enough to compress the spring enough. i uped the charge and fixed that problem easily. the ported gun is right around 1500-2000 rounds and the non ported one is closer to 5000.

i did find a site that carried mags for tisas pistols, but it was only for the CS9 and FS9 models. i'll keep looking.
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