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I guess I'll be the only one to be the buzz buster here !

I would strongly suggest you have your friend over and show him how to load "HIS" ammo on your press. It might be good so he will be learning to reload and get his interest up to join us all here.Share the hobby.
IF there is ever a mishap, mistake, error, accident it wont be just your fault and legal liability for what ever might happen.
The above is a perfect example I just read.

PLEASE, Im not saying or judging anyones reloading but since " I " had a mishap with loading as well as many others who post the kabooms,split bbls,
squib loads,hang fires etc.
Im sure a $17 box of .243 soft points are well worth keeping your friendship.

I never let my friends shoot my reloads not even in my guns. If they dont want to take the time to come over and help load,clean guns, then its all about them saving a dollar ! When I show them what can result, then they know I think their worth more than a Dollar to me !

Just my .02 cents worth, Be safe, good hunting !


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