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What I want to know is are there documented cases of people shooting someone accidentally while using a SA gun because of the short pull?
The problem is with the "documentation". Newspaper reports are notorious for errors of fact and errors of omission.

For instance, there was a dolt who lived in Jackson, Michigan, who was carrying a ".44 Magnum", before there was a law allowing concealed carry in MI. He was "showing" his gun to a friend in his kitchen and "it went off", killing his own infant son, which begs the question: How did it "go off" without being cocked? One can reasonably make the assumption that the fool had cocked the loaded gun and the very light (comparatively), trigger was pulled resulting in an unintended discharge and the child's death. Thus you have a possible scenario of just what you seek (death related to single-action cocking), but was not "documented" as such.
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