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Originally Posted by Art Eatman
For hunting, and figuring somewhere inside a 500-yard boundary, it seems to me that the old '06 is as good as any. I'm not hollering "best" by any means, nor saying there are no equals. All I know from experience and reading is that the old sumbitch works. A proper hit = meat in the pot.
You're right, Art, and my .30-06 is my no-thought, go-to rifle for hunting. That having been said, for the past several years I've been tinkering with the .25-06 and it's a magnificent cartridge in its own right. Probably the first wildcat of the -06 family, it's a lot of fun to shoot, has good ballistics, and with good bullets is fully capable of taking almost any game on this continent.

However, the other -06 wildcats are just as good. The .270, the .280, and the .35 Whelen are each wonderful cartridges in their own right. It's tough to choose within that family of cartridges.
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