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I think you have heard it all by now. Just like at the drag races, Ford,Chevy,Mopar....
My lee aluminum single stage presses were cheep enough that two of them serve me well, one set up for lead hardness testing in the garage with the lee lead tester and the other for decapping. My main press is a dillon SDB for my pistol loading. I load rifle on the lee's single, never purchased an auto as my rifle shooting is much less except for 223 when time permits.
If my loadings were for big tall .338's,300 win mags I might want all steel heavy duty press, lee,rcbs,lyman etc. which to purchase used here or other forums might be a better way to go, not that the lee light weight cant handle it as im sure many have loaded all cals. on them.
As long as you are having fun,reloading,making good ammo, which ever your choise, im sure over the years you will wind up with a few presses and a lee will be one of them !

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