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One thing you can do to make yourself a better hunter is to spend time in the boonies, just looking. Don't need a gun. Camera, maybe. Maybe a book to read.

Early morning, from just before daylight until not too long after sunup. Late afternoon, the last couple of hours before dark. Just find some comfortable spot to sit and just watch the world. (Carry a pad on which to sit so your fanny doesn't learn about rocks and twigs.)

Sometimes watch a woods trail. Sometimes sit where you can watch along a stream of some sort, or a pond. Sometimes sit where you can watch an open area, watching along its edges.

Boonies walking is not like city sidewalks. Flick a glance ahead to check the path and then look around while you take two or three steps. Maybe a very brief pause while you again glance ahead before the next two or three steps. You don't make a disturbing rhythm nor make a lot of noise. Critters don't march nor are they very noisy.

My patience quotient is not really good for just sitting, which is why I take a book with me. I've trained myself to not get absorbed in it. Read a few lines and then look around. That way, I spend a lot more time looking than reading, but I can sit motionless for lengthy periods.
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