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I had the Loadmaster turret Scsov, specifically, I had parts breakage with the powder dispenser, also leakage...and I couldn't keep enough plastic primer feed parts in stock to keep it running. Son #1 had one of the single stage presses that was less than accurate as far as alignment goes. Don't get me wrong...I do like Lee's tools, but some are built just too flimsy for my tastes. They're auto prime hand tool is the best primer seater on the market....BUT...I've broken 4 handles for it... I also like their case length cutters...accurate, reliable and cheap at that...good products, as are their dies.

Experience wise: I've loaded for over 50 years now...the Loadmaster purchase was not my idea. It came as a well-meaning Xmas present from family. When I finally went to a progressive, I bought a Dillon 550B for handgun work. It worked so well, I bought another to eliminate primer size changes...about the only hassle a 550B has to offer. Caliber changes are 5 minute operations including powder charge changes....truly quality presses and Dillon's customer service is superb.... I load for rifle on a Harrell turret, and an aged Herter's #3....

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