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I'm surprised nobody has discussed one of the more interesting aspects of the article...
MSRP for the all black [PPX] is $499 and $549 for the duo-tone.
MSRP for the PPQ is $599. Assuming a similar ratio of street price to MSRP as the PPQ, this would put the PPX's street price in the low $400s- Ruger SR territory.

The price, along with the blocky styling, indicates that this pistol represents a new marketing direction for Walther- a pistol intended for the low-price, high-volume end of the commercial market.

Walther reps called the trigger pull on the PPX a “constant action” system. As I understand it, it is not a true double action pull, but rather a “prepped” pull with a relatively short, and perceptible reset.
IOW the trigger will be somewhat like the SIG DAK trigger, short-reset DAO, but the article does not explain whether it will have second-strike capability.
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