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Posted by barstoolguru: in this case there was a sexual act, disturbing of the peace, endangerment of a child so it would have been a solid case and if she was to use deadly force. I could only assume because of the child it would have been justified in any state.
Said use of deadly force could not be justified as having been immediately necessary for the lawful defense of the woman or the child against a serious crime, and it would therefore be very unlawful indeed.

Anyone who believes that one would be justified in using deadly force in a case of indecent exposure, disturbance of the peace, or mere verbal threats would be well advised to leave his or her firearm at home until he or she has learned just a little bit more about the use of force laws.

A really good place to start would be Ayoob's MAG-20. Expensive? Inconvenient? Not nearly as costly or as "inconvenient" as the consequences of believing and acting upon that kind of terrible advice.
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