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Older threads come in handy at times...

Never thought about a video... probably too old school myself. Try this link, maybe print it out and keep the printout handy?

Of course a series 80 differs from earlier models... don't know about the TRP in that regards (firing pin safety block and all)

Since I've got Kuhnhausen's books, I just tend to head that way, do a re-read to make sure I dont forget a step or two in the process. Ya ought to buy a copy... maybe?

Once you do take it down and reassemble, do it again. Maybe one more time. Probably don't have to do it blindfolded, probably shouldn't truth be told. I used to watch my Dad do it while he was yakking at friends, he had done it a time or two and his hands knew their way around the bits and pieces without much apparent thought. But he did make me read Kuhnhausen's instructions a time or two before he let me go farther than a fieldstrip.

I'm sure someone else will come along with the proper video... but hope the above helps a tad.
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