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Mossberg 590 vs Benelli Supernova

so my brother is looking to purchase a shotgun for HD purposes and had thrown out the idea of getting a Mossberg. He specifically stated that he wants a tactical shotgun. My question, is there any real difference in quality and function between the Mossberg 590 and Benelli Supernova? They're in similar price ranges so I figured I should have my brother look at Benelli as well.

What about barrel length? I've seen models that come in 18.5" and 20". Does it even matter? Also, the Mossberg 590 comes in the basic model and the 590A1 model. I've read reviews that suggest the basic 590 models have plastic parts (like the trigger guard and safety) and are therefore prone to breaking. The 590A1 models use aluminum which makes the gun more durable but heavier. Is it worth it to pay for the extra weight? What about the Benelli Supernova? How is it different than the 590? Thanks.
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