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My Gold cup hasn’t had more than a box of jacketed and well over 5000 lead.
With the right selection of bullet and diameter that matches the gun I find it to be the most accurate for my gun.
As others here W231 has always been the most accurate load.
As far as diameter with .451 being the normal size for 45 ACP I use hard lead in .452 and the gun will hold 2 inch groups at 25 as long as someone else is shooting since my eyes aren’t what they used to be.
There are a lot of bullets makers available, I would suggest you try samples of each. Most will sell small lots of 100 to 200.
Penn bullet has been my choice for over 15 years and so far in that time I have purchased over 15000 bullets of all calibers. His 200 RNFPBB is a great bullet that can be used in all 45 guns but I prefer the old tried and true the 230 round nose.
I know I will catch heck for suggesting this but if you’re planning on shooting a lot of anything and this is not a carry gun like mine. Get yourself a recoil buffer. It will save wear and tear on the frame.
Recoil buffer.
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