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I'm not going to jump in too heavy on this, but thought this was pertinent.

Personally I can't stand coyotes, and I'll take just about any available clean shot that presents itself.

We had a big coyote problem last year, pretty much a nightly ritual of hearing them take something down. Lots of times it was turkeys, other times deer. Heard them really close up to the house one night after something, went to check out the area the next day in the light. Ended up finding the little doe still alive, with about half of one ham eaten away and most of her organs hanging out.........don't know how she lived as long as she did. I put her out of her misery, and used part of the meat as bait for that night. Killed me two of them suckers and felt pretty darn happy.

Thankfully they haven't been around much at all since about mid-summer, hopefully it stays that way.
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