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Lot's of good suggestions. I tend to agree with those who are emphasizing training and practice. It is a huge mistake for any person to buy a firearm and stick it away in a drawer, never to be touched until the unthinkable happens. I suspect this happens way too often. The mindset of these folks, regarding a firearm in the home, is akin to having a fire extinguisher in the home. They have one but rarely pay any attention to it. Most everyone at TFL would agree that simply is not an appropriate or safe way of looking at firearms.

Handling a firearm safely, should be second nature, and that only comes with practice and training. Now, this doesn't mean she needs Navy Seal or Army Ranger training. She doesn't have to become the next Kim Rhode. She needs to be proficient and safe in handling and using any firearm.

I don't know anything about your sister's ex-husband, but I am familiar with many cases of domestic violence. I do know that protection orders from a judge, barring a determined and violent ex spouse from the premises, are meaningless. Hopefully, your sister's ex will move on.

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