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Why should you buy a Python?

You probably shouldn't unless you just want a Python. I can't say I think they're a LOT better than other revolvers, but nothing else will scratch that itch, if you have the itch.

I've had that itch for years. I wanted a Python "back in the day" when I didn't know dog poop from shoe polish. I just knew that Python was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen that didn't have red hair. But even then a Python cost about twice as much as a Smith & Wesson Model 19. I bought a 19. Later I bought Ruger Speed/Security-Sixs. I was perfectly happy with both. All good guns.

But they weren't a Python.

I finally bought one about a month ago. Is it any better? I couldn't tell you. I know it shoots just fine. But so did the Smith & Wessons, the Rugers, shoot, even the Taurus revolvers I've had over the years have shot just fine.

I didn't buy a Python for any practical reason. I bought one because I wanted one.
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