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The Stg44 and it's mags won't accommodate 7.62x39. I can't imagine there would be any market for a rare, historical gun redesigned for the sake of cheap ammo.
It's not at all uncommon for designs to be rescaled to all sorts of cartridges. Think about how many calibers 1911-style pistols come in.

Or the G3-style roller-delayed blowback action, which has been scaled to 9x19, 5.56/.223, 7.62x39, 7.61x51/.308, and I am sure others.

The .22lr version certainly seems to be selling well, and that's a gun that only looks like the real deal.

A version that looks like, feels like, sounds like, and actually uses the same action (simply using a far more affordable and widely available cartridge) could prove very popular if the price were right.

That's the whole point, right? A rimfire clone. A Stg44 in 7.62x39 wouldn't be a clone of anything...
A 7.62x39 version actually would be more of a clone than the .22lr gun. It is in fact the .22lr version that isn't a clone of anything, it is a straight blowback .22 designed only to look like the StG-44. A Sturmgewehr built around the Russian cartridge would work, feel, sound, etc more like the original than the GSG .22 version, which has itself already proven to be a decent seller.
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