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If your going for rabbit, its made easier with a bit of help.

You have one person ready to shoot while the other goes trampling through the brush. That way the person in all the brush doesn't have to worry about tripping over stuff with a loaded gun in their hands and they can point one out if they see it. The person standing nearby can get the rabbit when it runs away from the other person.

If you have never field dressed anything before, don't know how grouse is to eat or if you dressed it. Birds are not the easiest thing to get ready for the kitchen. If you get a rabbit, they are one of the easiest animals to skin that you could shoot. Litterally the sort of easy that doesn't require a knife. pull around the bullet wound so that the skin pulls away from muscle, they come out of their skin pretty easy. Your alaskan rabbits might be a bit more hardcore than our cottontails though.
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