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Physical attacks by more than 1 ... and up to 20 , is not that uncommon right now... if you've been keeping up with the news.

Instead of 1-2 robbers, it's more common now going in groups of 3-4.... 1-2 to cover the crowd in case someone has a cc gun among the witnesses / victims.

The "knock-out" crowd... are in full bloom in some areas.

Then, if you have any gangs around at all, and you probably do even if you don't happen to know about it... then running into 5 people who are all armed ... may not be that unexpected.

Home invasions, are typically 3 -5 people.

I know a person who answered his door late at night, because he knew 2 of the people outside, but also had a .45 behind his back. They tried to barge /push thru the door when he began to open it .... all were armed and immediately were pointing guns at him (how many not known). He shot and killed 3 of them, wounded one, and the last one was seen running away.

To say it's "unlikely" is great, until it happens.

OP: higher capacity semi-auto.... or "speed-loaders", and / or a loaded back-up gun.
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