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Well, first off, making the older PT22 grip work on the PLY22 isnt gonna happen. As you know, the PLY22 grip is a one piece, 3 sided, wrap around grip, and the older PT22 is a conventional 2 sided grip. I have seen the colored PLY22s, and the FRAME is colored, not the grip. There were Yellow, and Lavender frames made. Im not an expert on every configuration of the PLY22, so I will assume you are correct, and the GRIP is pink on yours. With this in mind, contact Taurus and explain what you want, and they MAY help you with a black grip. Thats the way I would go, for starters. It may be possible to dye your grip black, or I have seen rubber grippers that were cut for the textured areas of the grip, that stick on, maybe a full wrap around from this company would work also.

I have had my PLY22 for several weeks now, and its a wonderful little gun. I am very happy with its performance, and appearance. I think this is one of Taurus' GEMS, and would recommend it to anyone. I am well over 1,000 rounds now, and have had a maybe 3 jams, but only after the pistol is filthy. Clean it up, and the jams go away. Mine is ultra reliable with ANY HV round nosed ammo, including Bulk ammo from CCI(Blazers) and Remington("New, Improved" Golden). It shoots Stingers, Velociters, Mini Mags, Vipers, and Yellow Jackets equally well. Its a great little gun.

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