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Kermit... what barrel length is your Taurus 94? I can give some advice, but it would be helpful to know what you are looking for, length wise. If it is 4" and you want 4" again, the New Ruger SP101 is an excellent revolver. I assume you want Double Action, because the 94 is DA. I have 5 DA 22 revolvers, each one different. I have a 2" Taurus 94, a Ruger LCR-22, a Smith & Wesson 3" 317, the Ruger 4" SP101-22, and a 4" Smith & Wesson 617. I also have a Ruger Single Ten 5½", and 2 Ruger Single Six convertibles, one a 5½", the other, a 4⅝".

The Ruger Single Six convertibles are great, because they are essentially 2 guns in one. The Single Ten is a neat twist on the Single Action six-shooter idea.

If your usage for your revolver is hunting small game, the Single Actions are fine, but for plinking, the Double Actions have the advantage for ease of load/unload.

If you are just looking for a 22 revolver that can do it all, I have to say the new 4" SP101-22 is the one. Its 9 oz lighter than the S&W 617, has the accuracy you need for whatever comes along, and will easily last for many, many years, and thousands of rounds.

I like all my rimfire revolvers, but if I could only keep one, It would be a hard fight between my SP101 and my Single Ten, and the final keeper would be the SP101.
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